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Thread: Blue Mage Self Skillchains

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    Exclamation Blue Mage Self Skillchains

    Well I thought this will help any blu's out there that always ask me what weapon skill goes with what spell.

    Read the CHART!

    So I took the time to try to come up with every SC out there for us blu's. I do not know if there is any info out there like this but LauLau has made it for people that don't understand the chart. This will be a long post. If you have anything to add post it here. Enjoy it everyone.

    Light (Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light) - Level III
    Savage Blade >> Cannonball

    Darkness (Earth, Ice, Water, Dark) - Level III
    Swift Blade >> Disseverment

    Fusion (Fire, Light) - Level II
    Burning Blade >> Battle Dance
    Burning Blade >> Head Butt
    Burning Blade >> Jet Stream
    Burning Blade >> Uppercut
    Burning Blade >> Dimensional Death
    Burning Blade >> Body Slam
    Burning Blade >> Frypan
    Red Lotus Blade >> Battle Dance
    Red Lotus Blade >> Head Butt
    Red Lotus Blade >>Jet Stream
    Red Lotus Blade >> Uppercut
    Red Lotus Blade >> Dimensional Death
    Red Lotus Blade >> Body Slam
    Red Lotus Blade >> Frypan

    Distortion (Ice, Water) - Level II
    Savage Blade >> Disseverment

    Fragmentation (Wind, Lightning) - Level II
    Swift Blade >> Ram Charge

    Gravitation (Earth, Dark) - Level II
    Red Lotus Blade >> Queasyshroom
    Red Lotus Blade >> Terror Touch
    Red Lotus Blade >> Sickle Slash
    Red Lotus Blade >>Death Scissors

    Liquefaction (Fire) - Level I
    Fast Blade >> Bludgeon
    Fast Blade >> Pinecone Bomb
    Fast Blade >> Uppercut
    Flat Blade >> Bludgeon
    Flat Blade >> Pinecone Bomb
    Flat Blade >> Uppercut
    Shining Blade >> Bludgeon
    Shining Blade >> Pinecone Bomb
    Shining Blade >> Uppercut
    Seraph Blade >> Bludgeon
    Seraph Blade >> Pinecone Bomb
    Seraph Blade > Uppercut
    Circle Blade >> Bludgeon
    Circle Blade >> Pinecone Bomb
    Vorpal Blade >> Bludgeon
    Vorpal Blade >> Pinecone Bomb
    Vorpal Blade >> Uppercut
    Swift Blade >> Bludgeon
    Swift Blade >> Pinecone Bomb
    Swift Blade >> Uppercut

    Detonation (Wind) - Level I
    Fast Blade >> Foot Kick
    Fast Blade >> Smite of Rage
    Fast Blade >> Spinal Cleave
    Fast Blade >> Hysteric Barrage
    Flat Blade >> Foot Kick
    Flat Blade >> Smite of Rage
    Flat Blade >> Spinal Cleave
    Flat Blade >> Hysteric Barrage
    Shining Blade >> Foot Kick
    Shining Blade >> Smite of Rage
    Shining Blade >> Spinal Cleave
    Shining Blade >> Hysteric Barrage
    Seraph Blade >> Foot Kick
    Seraph Blade >> Smite of Rage
    Seraph Blade >> Spinal Cleave
    Seraph Blade >> Hysteric Barrage
    Circle Blade >> Foot Kick
    Circle Blade >> Smite of Rage
    Circle Blade >> Spinal Cleave
    Circle Blade >> Hysteric Barrage
    Vorpal Blade >> Foot Kick
    Vorpal Blade >> Smite of Rage
    Vorpal Blade >> Spinal Cleave
    Vorpal Blade >> Hysteric Barrage
    Swift Blade >> Foot Kick
    Swift Blade >> Smite of Rage
    Swift Blade >> Spinal Cleave
    Swift Blade >> Hysteric Barrage

    Scission (Earth) - Level I
    Burning Blade >> Claw Cyclone
    Burning Blade >> Screwdriver
    Burning Blade >> Spinal Cleave
    Red Lotus Blade >> Claw Cyclone
    Red Lotus Blade >> Screwdriver
    Red Lotus Blade >> Spinal Cleave

    Reverberation (Water) - Level I
    Fast Blade >> Power Attack
    Fast Blade >> Sprout Smack
    Fast Blade >> Terror Touch
    Fast Blade >> Death Scissors
    Fast Blade >> Hydro Shot
    Fast Blade >> Tail Slap
    Shining Blade >> Power Attack
    Shining Blade >> Sprout Smack
    Shining Blade >> Terror Touch
    Shining Blade >> Death Scissors
    Shining Blade >> Hydro Shot
    Shining Blade >> Tail Slap
    Seraph Blade >> Power Attack
    Seraph Blade >> Sprout Smack
    Seraph Blade >> Terror Touch
    Seraph Blade >> Death Scissors
    Seraph Blade >> Hydro Shot
    Seraph Blade >> Tail Slap
    Vorpal Blade >> Power Attack
    Vorpal Blade >> Sprout Smack
    Vorpal Blade >> Terror Touch
    Vorpal Blade >> Death Scissors
    Vorpal Blade >> Hydro Shot
    Vorpal Blade >> Tail Slap
    Swift Blade >> Power Attack
    Swift Blade >> Sprout Smack
    Swift Blade >> Terror Touch
    Swift Blade >> Death Scissors
    Swift Blade >> Hydro Shot
    Swift Blade >> Tail Slap

    Impaction (Lightning) - Level I
    Circle Blade >> Battle Dance
    Circle Blade >> Head Butt
    Circle Blade >> Jet Stream
    Circle Blade >> Uppercut
    Circle Blade >> Dimensional Death
    Circle Blade >> Body Slam
    Circle Blade >> Frypan

    Induration (Ice) - Level I
    Circle Blade >> Grand Slam
    Circle Blade >> Mandibular Bite
    Circle Blade >> Frenetic Rip

    Done by Laudeaubond of {Bee} {See}
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