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Thread: Im better than you!!!

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    Im better than you!!!

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    I had an EES miss me when I had no shadows in Dynamis Beaucedine. And this was before the ranged attack nerf when the ranger beastmen would solo entire alliances with 3 shots!

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    Oh I think they like you, Oh I, Oh I, Oh I think they like you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartuc
    You're so goddamnned pathetic if someone put you in the rain next to a one-eyed, 3-legged puppy with terminal cancer, passers-by would cry and take *you* home, but at least they wouldn't have to spend much on you since dog food is your favorite, after all.

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    haha, when i get hit with ees its always a one shotter ; ;

    and for some reason, everytime at jeuno i'm in sykes' party, resulting in much "..." from sykes. rather sad i must say.

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    i see a lot of

    Sykes slaps Ataka.

    times 4830298430295802195

    then 2 seconds later

    Ataka was defeated by Vanguard ROFL.

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