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Thread: Fanfest Info on ToAU

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    Fanfest Info on ToAU

    Stealing from an Alla post (

    tau tour, beseige demo, monsters floodibg in thro gates, blm being an idiot, mobs don't seem too special.

    warp in a few minutes

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 13:41:22 2006 by TrueFeba

    in reef, leech, doomed, etc...ny god this blm is don't solo doomeds, and you don't melee...

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 13:47:35 2006 by TrueFeba

    new skelletons in reef, also lamia...

    'undead follwers link with lamia'-announcwr

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 13:52:39 2006 by TrueFeba

    btw, beseige in al zahbi, and it is mamool jas, no lamia in town. the one lamia weve seen was in reef

    Edited, Fri Mar 10 14:11:06 2006 by TrueFeba
    surprise before show...

    mithra blu!

    New slime monster!
    =lue nagic s like monster tp but blue lines.

    blood saber
    mandraogea sprout
    spider web
    acorn toss?
    dimensional death

    NEW AREA resembles ifrits cauldron
    powerpoint- tau screenshots
    plans for future

    besieged assaualt and missions are in different catagories

    curently, the two jobs we have announced are blu and cor,..that's all we ca tell you..for now

    about as many new areas as cop

    beseiged screens have lamia, tau demo doesn't

    pic also has jobs outside demo

    besieged is as conquest for the .. continent

    with the addition of new towns we listened to all the people who eanted monster attacks on the towns

    once we decided that attack wed decide wed need a reason, so the beast men are after treasur you have to protwct

    astral ..? treausre on western edge of continent

    wheb evertythibg starts' good guys have astela condenscene, if stolen, must retrieve from beastmen hq

    is the new conqyest

    beseigned dmeo only tenpercent of full version

    assault is neq type of mission bsttle, short msiisons, level fifty to sevetenyish,

    in pt and quests now, need much time, newe we want three to six people, sbort

    many different quests, different levels, areas

    by completion gain assault points, can be tradedx for items exp gil etc

    in additon to points, if you complete, you get unappraised items, take to town, have appraid, usable

    thw more assault quests you do your merc rank goes up (like tau fame basically)

    missions from presidant?

    old and new characters

    not planning any level capped.possibly some bcnms cap

    you can go to new continent from mhaura

    you canot go straight form maurha...but maybe an area near nhayra had the req

    chocobo raisibirth of breeding ease of breeding
    joys of breeding
    benefits of personal chobo
    what your choco has for you

    players want to go into ff everyday without spending a lot of tine, wil work like gardining

    raising chocobos isn't hard core or or newbies, all you need is love

    and once you raise it, naybe... setup a date with a friensa choco? maybe a new chocobo?

    just raising it isn't that fun.. so you want to use it right? maybe race it?

    mog locker for sotrage we are soryr about problems with client memory, new way to stoe thirty to fifty area slots

    thwre is a small fee, must go to aht urgan, arwas, may pay with items or quest, pAyment undecided

    items will not be lost when you don't pay, but will be unaccessable

    possibly more than 50 slots

    watch version updates

    The colosseum...
    mnsters ca be fight against each othr

    aht urgan time line has many palnn for future, someone s that!


    tanakas greeting; hello everyone exicted to talk with na fans we never gte to see' hope you get to know more about us

    Tau qs

    q-mithra homeland?
    a-not in plans

    q-will accounts be splitable?
    a-planning to do it...still need sometime...can move worlds, not sure about acounts..

    q-choco colors?
    a-good question. can't say anything other than...won't be just yellow

    q-exp pack seems to be for caual plays, blu job accessable under 30?
    a-all new jobs are 30, same as old ones

    q-with beseiged, will they be on a scheduele, or triggered
    a-beseige will have no triggers, always active like conquest..the monsters will just come

    q-pvp one on one?
    a- special areas for pvp coming

    q-abj drop rate increase?
    a-*nobody wants to answer, laughs* can't make any dramatic changes afriad to effect economy, if drop rate won't hurt it

    q-if choco is 1-75. what about lv20 quest?
    a-raising is for everyone, *couldn't hear*

    q-mit m? gal f?
    a-no such thing as galkan female, mit males...someday you will see them
    q if you are in town during beseige, are you autonatically in pt
    a everyon in town fights but NO EXP LOSS

    q quivers on everything? not just specific bolts
    a are thinking about new items, but not everything, would effect economy

    q if you can't los exp during veseige, can you gain exp
    a considering

    q- speed belt from bcnm
    a- haven't thoguht about it,.. we'll take this idea back...

    q choco plans? wistle to summon?
    a we hope: good ideas

    q reqs other tha lv30? for new jobs
    a have to buy exp pack xlear qyest, that's it

    a- mog safe will not grow, mog locker will

    q-change characters look? race?
    a- no, ps2 restrictions

    q- chocobo eq?
    a- no plans...but choco shape might change with raising...

    q-raise choco on mules and use on main?
    a- prbably not

    q_ ah three exgra slots?
    a- no..can not increase by even one, ah takes up a lot of server space ah goes down enough

    q- what happens if you neglect your choco?
    a- probably run away to anicer master..

    q_ class specific solo quesst?
    a - yes, and quests needing small-large partiea. class specigfic is good idea ill take it back

    q-reverse immigrations? return to original servers
    a- possible...we'll take it back and talk to it?

    q- ranks past 10 or new nations?
    a- new missions in exp pack, play those firsts, if eveeryone wants then... we'll be forced to add then
    Hells yeah. Choco breeding and personal Chocobos.
    Speed Belt from a BCNM? Yes please.

    All jobs will be balanced? BWHAHAHAHAHA.... I'll believe it when I see it.

    All the assault and besieged stuff sounds cool.

    More stuff here:
    Pictures and a planned roadmap of new content? Neat.
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    wtf who wrote that, tangia?

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    I think the guy is posting from a cell phone. So yeah.

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    1) ROFL JIN

    2) who the hell would spend that kind of time to post on a cell phone rofl <_<

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    3rd job is PuppetMaster

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    More info I've gathered:

    Plenty of new merits on jobs. Most notable being BLM's *ga4 and *5 spells.

    SMN gets Odin. Also rumor of Cerberus but it looks like a Bahamut-style BC fight instead of a summon.

    PLD gets Auto-Refresh. Apparently doesn't get Provoke but supposedly is boosted when using SJ other than WAR. No idea how that'll work.

    THF gets a nice boost with 2HR similar to DRG. Disengage, SATA, wait 20s, 2hr, KABOOM, SATA again, KABOOM for the win!

    DRK gets ... a boost to Scythe skill? Gee thanks.

    WHM gets Esuna and MP Transfer. Will be VERY interesting to see how MP xfer works in XP and HNM pt's.

    BLM gets all those nifty spells. BLM also nerfed. 3 or more BLM in a pt/alliance now interfere with each other and do less damage. Haha eat that RMT burn pt's. Screws up KS30 fights though.

    They were talking about how NIN RDM and BLM are the most powerful jobs in the game right now, and they're considering nerfing NIN and RDM somehow in the update. Vague, but, well, it's part of gameplay balance I guess. BST were so pissed when the MPK update came through, but now all's quiet about that.

    I'm particularly looking forward to the new mission set (and quests of course! me questmonger), especially given how well-organized and detail-oriented CoP was. All those weeks of painstaking anguish stepping through the missions, then killing the CoP boss, and walking through the entire game the next day wrapped everything up, and made me feel like "wow, I have beaten FFXI. Awesome!" I hope they can repeat that experience with ToA.
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    odin sounds neat, sucks for blms, yay auto refresh, wtf did esuna do in other games i forget, mp xfer sounds neat...uh thats all i got go away im tired

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    Moogle Locker:

    Chocobo Breeding:

    Timeline of Content:

    Pic of new job Puppet Master

    Videos, 3rd one down is of the PuppetMaster (pay attention to quote at end guy says '3rd and Final job')

    Videos, one shows Odin:
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    ill post what i learned from develop team since a lot of that info got kind of twisted esp JOBS WILL GET THESE ABILITY

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    hey how is the festival going on anyways cravy?

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    In that one Video Odin looks pritty cool. I just love how everybody cheers lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scytale
    hey how is the festival going on anyways cravy?
    its going alirght, im about to head over there in 20min. the develop team thing was awesome but the rest is kind of lame.

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    Look behind you!
    When I heard they were nerfing blm I seriously considered quitting or changing to DRK only after getting it to 75. If I couldn't solo on blm anymore, any remaining fun would just be totally sucked out of the job. Good to see people were just full of shit.

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    Lies, lies! Nerf Blm!

    In all seriousness, I'm happy to read this too. I wasn't expecting anything too bad, but was certaininly nervous that manaburning was going to be slashed. Now I might be able to try a balanced pt without feeling like I'm dragging down the pt? /cheer
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    Whew I'm glad BLM nerf was just a rumor and not substantiated at all. Actually I find it interesting S-E took so long to add job enhancements, when other games like Guild Wars does job rebalancing every 4 months or so.
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    This was posted on Sherbert but I thought I'd post it here since a lot of the info passed along if all fucked up.

    As some of you know I attended the Fan Festival over the weekend because I was a participent in the Ballista Royale Finals. We lost 24-26 but its ok, I had a ton of fun. I was going to post about what I learned. I don't remember everything obviously but I will try to cover all of the things discussed that were important:

    New Jobs:

    Blue Mage was the first job demonstrated. They had one fighting a slime type mob with a face (kind of like the ones in FFIV, VI and Tactics) using various skills including: Dimensional Death, Ink Jet, Maelstorm, Bomb Toss, Frying Pan, Wild Oats, Blood Saber & Blitzgrieg(sp? statue move). I might of missed a few and there was one I wasn't sure what it was.

    How Blue Mage's gain abilitys & set them to use:
    -The Blue Mage must defeat the monster, be within a certain level in which they can gain exp, & be within a certain range of the monster.
    -Blue Mage cannot learn all abilitys.
    -Blue Mage can skillcahin with some physical attacks and magic burst with other attacks.
    -Blue Mage's are based on mp & can be interrupted.
    -Blue Mage will have "set points". For example lets say a Blue Mage knows 25 abilitys and each ability is worth 2 points each. But they only have 25 set points max. They will only be able to put 12 of those abilitys into play at one time.

    Corsair is almost all based on luck. Corsair is like black jack, you have a job ability that picks a random card worth a amount of points. The object is to get close to 11. If you go over you bust and debuff yourself or your party. Once they have rolled the cards they can use their hexgun to kind of fire the debuff or buff on the enemy or on your party.

    -Corsair will be mainly buff and debuff job in the likes of bard.
    -Corsair can give a party a job ability enhance a debuff on a enemy.
    -Examples given were: Corsair with a warrior could give your party double attack or summoner could give your party auto-refresh.
    -Another example was how a corsair could enhance a debuff. Lets say a monster is losing 3hp a tick and 25 defense from Dia II and a corsair enhances it using the hexgun. The mob might lose 6 hp a tick 50 defense.

    Puppetmaster was barely showed at all. They showed it in a BC with a blue mage but they didnt show the puppet doing anything. I'm guessing the puppet will be very powerful while the puppetmaster is kind of weak.
    Its kind of late and this is a huge wall of text. I hope some of this info is usefull. You can post questions and I'll do my best to answer them. I'll update sometime tomororw night with the choco raising, ToUA additions, current state of game, and the job balancing topics brought up during the developer panel.

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    nice info, thanks

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    Based on luck?


    No corsair for juma, oro and I then.

    Examples given were: Corsair with a warrior could give your party double attack or summoner could give your party auto-refresh.
    Wonder if you could take a nin and give everyone dual wield.

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    Holy crap, how did people not make a bigger deal about this.

    Q – Are there any plans to re-adjust the TP gain on multi-hit WSs?
    A – They could not give details, but did mention that the next update will adjust TP gains on these weaponskills.
    Can't possibly give less TP, so this means more. Penta Spam ftw! Those damn monks better not ruin things again though.

    And damn you SE! Damn you to helllllllllll!!!!!!

    Q – Will it be made easier for Ninja to level from 1 to 37?
    A – No.

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    I wana know how they gona change RNG! Bastards better fix it... even just a lil is good

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    The change to ranger is they make you un-nerfed when you use Sharpshot so distance doesn't matter.

    Here is the full list of job balances


    try to expand weapon use
    try to encourage wars to use other sj beside /nin
    ability to throw axes


    change so monk is not just punching - something else to help the party
    new ability to boost other PT members HP


    traditionally healer, but other mages have taken over healing; trying to give whm more advantage as healer
    thinking of other ways to involve whm in front line
    new abiltiy to give HP or MP to other PT members
    also ability to cure all bad status at the same time


    acknowledged one of the most powerful
    acknowledged that 6 blm can pwn, but not necessary how they envisioned it
    try to make it so they play in regular parties more
    but giving them more spells to "compensate" so it doesn't seem they are picking on blm


    acknowleged very powerful also along with blm
    new spells for rdm


    one of the most technical, ie running back and forth
    trying to add abilities so that the thf abilities are distributed among the PT
    steal might change so that it's not just stealing items
    perfect dodge change it in battle so that it will increase the damage attacking from behind


    acknowledge that pld might take second seat to nin, make more appealing for pld to be first choice for tanking
    making ability to use shield more ofthen that other jobs (blocking)
    more TP gained from shield block


    like for drk to use scythe more often, adding more benefits to use scythe
    not many ppl are using absorb spell, adjust so that there is more reason to use absorbs


    recognized lots of ppl have been complaining about last patch
    reason they believe that bst is a strong job, but don't want to completely undo changes so they will look to do "something"


    seems to play same songs all the time, change it so there are more places for them to use other songs
    a new low level song to increase speed of all the party


    thinking on a way to give rng more damage from last patch
    maybe fix sharpshot so that acc won't change depending on distance
    also increase more types of arrows in quivers


    like to change it so sam can use their TP in more different ways
    new ability to decrease enemy's TP when hitting them


    "the ninja is very strong"
    not going to make nin any weaker
    most difficult thing, need more time to think of what to do


    no plans to change anything, still evaluating impact of lastest changes


    alot of smn will only summon avatars when they need certain spell and then release
    would like to have players keep them out longer so thinking of more benefits
    change so that duration and effect of avatar buffs are calculated based on summoning skill
    increase more abilities for the avatars
    currently no plans for summoning bahamut; reason is they want to keep him as a "special" type of avatar
    if they made him summonable, they'd have to weaken him and they don't want to do that
    more summonable avatars

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    also increase more types of arrows in quivers
    even if all they do is make status/holy bolts quiver, I'd spread my legs so wide for them! @_@;

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